Landscape Committee


CommitteeMission Statement:


The West Market Landscape Committee manages the Grounds Upkeep budget that is funded by the Board of Directors. The monies are used to enhance existing landscape and amenities through both short and long term programs in order to preserve the resident’s property values. 


The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To annually inspect the common grounds of West Market and then report to the Board the landscape areas most in need of attention.
  • To be good stewards of West Market’s woodlands, streams and wetlands.
  • To manage and implement the improvements we set out to accomplish each fiscal year.
  • To consider the safety of West Market residents in the management of Landscape Committee projects.


List of Priorities and Deliverables for FY 2018:


·   Plant two 10’ Holly Trees on newly graded land on Logan Manor. Will grow to approximately 25’ in hight and 15’ wide and provide privacy for nearby neighbors..

 ·    Update Entrance beds on Town Center Parkway and Market Street

 ·    Install sod at two corner beds across from Dorrance Court. This will provide an overall neater appearance.

 ·   Oversee turf renovation

 ·   Install Ivy beds to replace aging parcels on Crescent Park Drive

  ·    Replace one large Norway Spruce on Crescent Park Drive to replace dead tree still under warranty near Club House.

 ·   Chancery Circle – Upgrading of landscape beds.

 ·    Daffodils will be planted in the naturalized areas of West Market as we have done every year.

 ·   Complete Clubhouse outer beds

 ·   Communicate LC activity through West Market Newsletter

 ·   Inspect all of WM Landscape to advise board of the state of ground upkeep.



General:  All committee actions are subject to Board approval pursuant to Article X of the Association Bylaws.  Committees are also bound by the open meeting provisions of the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, which requires that:
1. All committee meetings shall be preceded by reasonable notice to the community.  The Board requires that its committees provide notice on the West Market Web site:  at least one week is preferred absent extenuating circumstances (more if the committee is able to do so), and in all events no less than three days in advance of such meetings.  Notice should be provided to our on-site manager who will ensure it is properly posted.
2. All committee meetings shall be open to all members of the West Market Community Association, and each meeting shall have a designated period of time available for members to comment on matters germane to the committee meeting.
3. Any agenda materials made available to committee members in advance of meetings should also be available for inspection by members of our community (at the same time they are provided to committee members) by providing copies to our on-site manager (in addition to making them available at the meeting).
4. Committees, per the language of the Act quoted here, may “not use work sessions or other informal gatherings … to circumvent the open meeting requirements.”


Joy HorrChair  
Lawanna DeBlois Member


David Adamusko Member 



Monthly Meetings 
Schedule:  Third Wednesday of each month
Time: 2:00pm
Location: West Market Clubhouse

 Landscaping 2009 Charter
 Landscape Charter 2011
 Tree Replacement Recommendations
 Arborist Report 2012
 Landscape Charter 2013
 Landscape Charter 2014
 Landscape Charter 2015
 Landscape Charter 2016
 Landscape Committee Charter 2017
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