West Market Activity Committee

 Carol Welsh, Co-Chair
Amanda Sutton, Co-Chair


Committee Mission Statement:   The West Market Community Association (WMCA) Activities Committee plans events to foster neighborhood camaraderie with goals of inclusion, creativity, and fun!

List of Priorities and Deliverables: 
. The calendar of events for the year: 

  •  Super Bowl party         February

  •  Egg Hunt for the children        March/April
  •  *Summer Block Party         June/July 
  •  *End of Summer outdoor Movie Night        August/September
  •  Fall Annual Garage Sale       September
  • Oktoberfest          September/October 
  •  Halloween party for the children      October 
  •  Holiday Party for Children       December 
  • Holiday Party for Adults       December
  •  *Monthly Coffee and Donuts      (2nd Saturday / monthly) 
    * recently added to Activity Budget/events  

2. Consider and evaluate new events and implement new ways to reach out to involve even more West Market members.  Events that are not identified on the above calendar will not be advertised or allowed unless/until they are first brought to the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting for approval. 
3. The Committee will continue to focus on themed events to bring the community together.  While the service of alcohol at events is of course allowed, the Board will continue its policy of not subsidizing alcohol at community events other than the Oktoberfest and Holiday Party.   
For events that have limited availability/seating (like the wine tasting), the opportunity for participation shall be made equally available to all West Market residents.  Generally this will be done by first timely advertising the event to the community and establishing a reasonable date certain by which individuals must indicate if they would like to attend/participate.  Following that date, names will be randomly drawn from among those who timely submitted their names up to the seating/participation limit, thus ensuring that all West Market residents have an equal chance of attending/participating.  This process is designed to avoid favoritism and exclusivity in deciding who will get the scarce slots available at events with limited seating/participation. Example of event such as this is the Il Fornaio Happy Hour -huge success. 

Timetable for deliverables/events: The calendar for events is set forth above.  In addition, the Committee will deliver for Board approval by the November Board meeting a projected budget for the year that outlines how the $9,000 authorization for the year is proposed to be spent.  To the extent additional money will be needed to sponsor other events the Committee will be encouraged to raise that money through event fees.


General Requirements

All committee actions are subject to Board approval pursuant to Article X of the Association Bylaws. Committees are also bound by the open meeting provisions of the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, which requires that:

1. All committee meetings shall be preceded by reasonable notice to the community. The Board requires that its committees provide notice on the West Market Web site: at least one week is preferred absent extenuating circumstances (more if the committee is able to do so), and in all events no less than three days in advance of such meetings. Notice should be provided to our on-site manager who will ensure it is properly posted.

2. All committee meetings shall be open to all members of the West Market Community Association, and each meeting shall have a designated period of time available for members to comment on matters germane to the committee meeting.

3. Any agenda materials made available to committee members in advance of meetings should also be available for inspection by members of our community (at the same time they are provided to committee members) by providing copies to our on-site manager (in addition to making them available at the meeting).

4. Committees, per the language of the Act quoted here, may “not use work sessions or other informal gatherings . . . to circumvent the open meeting requirements.”

 2103 Charter
 2015 Charter
 2016 Charter
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