Lincoln Park Resident Welcome Letter

Dear Lincoln Park Resident,

On behalf of your neighbors and the Lincoln Park Condominium Association we would like to welcome you to your new community. We hope the following information is useful and that you will let us know if we can be of further help.

RESTON was founded as a planned community that encompasses approximately 11.5 square miles with a population of more than 58,000 residents and 1400 businesses. The immediate area of Reston Town Center, in which West Market is located, has many conveniences such as the Reston Hospital, YMCA, Fairfax County Public Library, a movie theater, grocery stores, and a variety of restaurants and retail stores. As a resident of Lincoln Park, one of the five communities in West Market, you are a member of the Reston Town Center Association, the West Market Community Association and the Lincoln Park Condominium Owners Association. Dues for the latter two associations are assessed separately and are to be paid monthly to the individual management companies. You are invited to visit Reston Town Center at: .

WEST MARKET COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (WMCA) is responsible for maintaining the West Market Clubhouse & Pool, general community landscaping, street and sidewalk maintenance (including some snow removal), and trash removal services throughout the West Market Community. WMCA uses SFMC, Inc for association management. Karen Fegani, the SFMC on-site manager, is available at her office located inside the West Market Clubhouse. She can be contacted at either (703) 435-3777 or [email protected] The governing documents for West Market can be found at

LINCOLN PARK ASSOCIATION is responsible for all common areas located within Lincoln Park. Our management services are also provided by SFMC. Justin Field is our management representative and can be reached at (703) 392-6006 Ext. 216 or by email at [email protected]. The Lincoln Park Board of Directors meetings occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7-9 pm at the West Market Clubhouse and are open to all members. We encourage you to become active in the community and volunteer for one of the committees that helps keep our property values high.

DISCLOSURE PACKAGE: As a new owner, you should have received a West Market Association and Lincoln Park Association Disclosure Package prior to or at your closing. It is the responsibility of all residents to become familiar with the rules, regulations, and restrictions regarding West Market and Lincoln Park properties. We rely on our residents to work with the community to ensure that high standards are maintained for the Lincoln Park community. Owners who rent their property are required to provide documents to their tenants and to update the Lincoln Park Board when tenants change. Owners who rent are required to provide a copy of the lease to the SFMC Management representative. If for any reason you do not have the disclosure package, please contact the management companies or refer to Lincoln Park at

EXTERIOR CHANGES/ BALCONIES/ DECKS are governed by association rules. This includes window coverings, storm/screen doors, door hardware, paint colors, satellite dishes or items placed on the balcony/deck that affect the outside appearance of the unit. Please contact SFMC to avoid potential disappointments or unnecessary costs. The Lincoln Park Owner’s Maintenance Responsibility page on our website also has a summary of responsibilities and specifications for replacement as well as the form to be submitted to the Lincoln Park Board for modification approval.

VEHICLE and RESIDENT TAXES: Lincoln Park owners pay real estate taxes and personal property tax for vehicles registered in Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Vehicle owners are required to file for property tax with Fairfax County within 60 days after moving into the county. New Virginia residents are required to display Virginia plates within 30 days of moving into the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia’s DMV can and does monitor real estate records to determine when new residents move into an area. Information about all state and county services are available through the Commonwealth of Virginia and Fairfax County websites: and

PARKING and PERMIT STICKERS: All resident vehicles must be registered and display a West Market parking permit to avoid risk of towing. Permits are available through the West Market on-site manager.

WEST MARKET CLUBHOUSE and SWIMMING POOL is one of many recreational facilities available to residents as a benefit of their Association Membership. In addition to a beautiful outdoor pool, the West Market Clubhouse has an exercise room and entertainment areas to rent for special parties or group functions. Access passes for the Clubhouse are provided to new owners by the previous owner at closing, or from a landlord for tenants. If you did not receive a Clubhouse pass, replacements can be requested from the West Market on-site manager.

RESTON ASSOCIATION (RA) covering the area outside the Town Center provides parks and recreation services. Lincoln Park residents can use RA facilities by paying a minimal non-resident fee for some facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. RA publishes an excellent map showing the location of their recreation facilities throughout Reston. Refer to for RA details. All Reston residents and businesses including those in the Town Center District are taxed by the Fairfax County Small Tax District 5 which funds the Reston Community Center (RCC). Lincoln Park residents are welcome to take advantage of RCC recreational services, cultural programming, and facilities that include an indoor pool. Refer to for RCC details.

PETS: Fairfax County License and Leash Laws are enforced in Lincoln Park. All outdoor pets must be registered with the West Market on-site manager. Residents are expected to pick up after their pets and to take advantage of plastic disposal bags and containers provided throughout the community.

GRILLS and CHARCOAL: Fairfax County prohibits the use of charcoal or bottled gas grills on condominium terraces or balconies. Residents may not store or use cooking grills that use electricity, propane, charcoal or other accelerants anywhere on the grounds of the Condominium including interior and exterior areas (such as and including the units, garages, balconies, patios, utility / storage / electrical closets outdoor common spaces. Contact Service First with any questions, concerns, or compliance issues

Satellite and Exterior Antennae: There are strict installation rules regarding size, type, location, installation and maintenance of satellite dishes. Please refer to policy resolution 2007-08-21 on website.

Dryer Vents: Unit Owners must have their dryer exhaust vents and related hoses/chutes fully cleaned every two years by a professional contractor. Unit owners must demonstrate compliance with this policy by submitting a copy of a paid receipt from a professional company showing the contractor has comprehensively inspected and/or completely cleaned the dryer vents, both within and outside the unit.

Window Cooling Units: No Unit Owner or resident shall place any window cooling unit in any Condominium Unit window in a manner that is visible from the exterior of the Condominium Building.

LOCAL UTILITY COMPANIES: For your convenience, the following utility company contact information is provided

Electric - Dominion Virginia Power 1-888-667-3000

Gas - Columbia Gas of Virginia 1-800-543-8911

Cable/Internet – Comcast (703) 716-9701 or
Verizon FIOS 1-866-594-2951

TRASH and Recycling: Weekly trash pickup occurs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling is picked up only on Fridays. Keep in mind All trash cans and other trash receptacles shall be kept within enclosed or screened areas so as not be visible from any street or other lots. Trash cans and other receptacles may be placed outside for collection no sooner than the evening before the designated collection day(s), and must be returned to their enclosed area at conclusion of the day(s) of collection. Trash placed outside for collection must be in a trash can, contained receptacle, tied trash bag, box, or be otherwise reasonably secured. Leaving trash in untied or open trash bags or containers is not permitted. Owners must label trash receptacles set out for collection with their home address/unit number. Contact the West Market On-Site Manager with any questions, concerns, or compliance issues.

BULLETIN BOARDS: West Market and Lincoln Park community planned activity notices, as well as other important notices are posted on enclosed bulletin boards at the mailboxes. These bulletin boards should not be used for any other purpose, and nothing should be attached to the face of these bulletin boards.

Again, welcome to Lincoln Park. We look forward to welcoming you personally at our next Board of Directors meeting (fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm). And we especially look forward to working with you to improve our Lincoln Park Community.


Lincoln Park Board of Directors

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